Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Swim: Fans And Florals

It's official - I have Spring fever. At the start of the season I am always inclined to re-organize my dressing area and bring the color up a notch. I've been inspired by a set of Chinese fans and their beautiful little boxes that once belonged to my mother. Pleats and florals will be recurring themes in my Spring decor at home and in my wardrobe.

photography by so does estella
1. Chinese Fans: Vintage (Try them on a wall or dresser)
3. Floral Fan Box: Vintage
4. Patterned Fan Boxes: Vintage

Will you add Spring to your wardrobe? Your decor at home? Or both?!


Bruce Barone said...


A hat as pictured here.

Decor: switch around some photos. Enlarge garden.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Lovely! I'm getting my hands on a vintage fan or two this summer -- I'll need them to combat the heat of NYC, right?

Talima said...

I plan on adding some vintage fabric and bright colors to my wardrobe. This winter I was very gray and beige so this Spring I want to be bright and bold.

Sana said...

@Bruce you can wear the hat while in your snazzy new garden!
@Brandi yes! You bet you will!
@Talima For sure, let's move away from gray! Can't wait!

Danielle {freshquince} said...

I have major Spring Fever as well! 80's chic, I like it!

Jo said...

Sana, I am going to have to visit your blog often for spring inspiration! Living where it is perpetually spring, I have somehow fallen into a rut of an all grey and black wardrobe. I love the thought of pleats and florals...splashes of spring.

(Thank you for taking the time to watch and vote, by the way! I really appreciate it!!)

Sana said...

@danielle you're right, i never thought about them being 80's chic because my mom bought them in hawaii years ago but now that i think of it, it was the 80's! you're spot on :)

@jo i'm a native angeleno so i know the rut you speak of. :) having such a brutal winter here adds to the excitement. ps. you're welcome, the video was a great little break!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

This has reminded me how much I love fans like this! My dad once brought me back a fan from Japan when I was younger and I loved it so much.

Sana said...

@eva awww. Promise to keep an eye out for good ones in your travels!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I will definitely have to! Starting my blog has completely transformed my traveling experiences, I pay attention to all the details now. It's fantastic!

Micaela said...

florals and MORE florals.

what a gorgeous blog! i like you, a lot :)