Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Photo of Pip & Estella

We cannot thank you enough for your support this year. Through your patronage, tweets, pins, blog posts and instagram shots of Pip & Estella pieces in your home, you have helped us attain another successful year on and offline! Big hugs and happy holidays to you and yours!

xx Pip & Estella

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Few Of Our Favorite Things Giveaway

A Giveaway| Enter Now!

photo & styling by sana keefer

In honor of December's First Friday Holiday sale, we'd like to share a few of our seasonal favorites. English Quills and Dusted Pine Cones, Gold Lowball Glasses and Kantha Throws with a vintage camera to capture it all - these are a few of our favorite things. Share your favorite thing from December's sale with us on Facebook or Twitter by December 11th for a chance to win one of our Vintage Kantha Quilts.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | A Staple For Holiday Entertaining : The Bar Cart

A Staple For Holiday Entertaining : The Vintage Bar Cart

styling by sana keefer, photo by evan wathington

We love entertaining and even bigger, love versatile pieces like vintage bar carts. They don't make 'em like they used to! Foggy glass, patina on the frame and lucite wheels -- gorgeous.

Roll out with the next vintage bar cart you see and flex your own style with a few tips:

1. Add pop color flowers that will contrast with your wall color. We used bright fuschia roses from our local Trader Joes. 
2. Find glasses that are functional but have a bit of pizzaz. (Love that word!)
3. Select a vase that is simple, yet striking in color or finish.
4. Enjoy the party.

resources: vintage golden bar cart - sana keefer for one kings lane, vintage gold rim whiskey glasses - first fridays at pip & estella, deep green vase & white glass knot- west elm, vintage ballet painting - from the home of sana keefer.

xx Pip & Estella

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Chests & Trunks

Vintage Swim: Trunks. Pounce On The Next One You See

P is for Pip. We wish. In this case P is for Palihouse Holloway. We found this 1954 Race Horse Trunk for Pali Group, a group of ever-so-stylish properties including hotels and residences. They've placed it in the lobby of a West Hollywood property. Where would you use it? And how?

image via @pipandestella on instagram
We've placed some pretty great chests and trunks lately. Here are a few ways to use vintage trunks. The next time you see one of these versatile pieces, don't let it pass you by!

  1. Storage - Neatly hide seasonal belongings
  2. Coffee Table - Arrange your books and candles atop
  3. Extra Seating for Entertaining - Utilize for extra seating during parties or most relevant now, holiday gatherings

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Put A Feather In It

Vintage Swim: Put A Feather In It

Vintage Styling With Feathers

image via @pipandestella on instagram, styling by sana keefer

More often than not you'll see feathers incorporated into Pip & Estella photography styling. It's not only a branding thing -- feathers were plentiful in the Dickens era, but also because they bring life to a still (and will do the same in your home). Here are three examples:
  1. Feathers add a natural element to a vignette or arrangement. 
  2. We associate feathers with movement and their curved design by nature illustrates that.
  3. Feather add a touch of old, creating a vintage feel.

You'll find feathers styled into a couple of our shots and available in the upcoming Pip & Estella Joss & Main sale event, November 1, 2012. Keep in mind, quality feathers found at estate sales, antique stores work best for getting a polished look so if you have those available to you, it's worth the investment.

In the upcoming weeks we'll explore feathers in various vessels!

resources: vintage mirror, antique whiskey bottle - pip & estella. fine feathers - heirlooms.

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage Wedding Styling Blog | Vintage Swim: The Weight Of Tradition...Something Blue

Vintage Swim: The Weight Of Tradition...Something Blue

With fall weddings in full swing, brides and brides-to-be have an eye toward vintage to add character to the big party. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue the saying goes but even if you're not big on tradition, this is still a pretty effortless one for the stressful pre-wedding weeks where there is a certain beauty to keeping it simple.

       photo by karen white, styling by sana keefer

One way to stay in step with tradition is by tying a handkerchief from family or friends to your bouquet and pass it on to the lucky lady who catches it in the toss!

resources: vintage scale - pip & estella, blue chiffon handkerchief - seafoam safari, gold locket - heirloom, muslin cloth - local gourmet grocer

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | First Fridays At The Pip & Estella Shop

The most common bit of feedback we receive is that "The good stuff goes fast." Indeed it does. Beginning October 5, you can mark your calendar and meet us here every first friday of the month. We'll offer the top four finds from each of our buying trips, with a huge chunk off the price tag.    
Four coveted one-of-a-kind finds to make your home shine -- at forty percent off, plus lots of other vintage goodies. Shop furniture. Shop accessories. Shop holiday. You can choose from all of the coming finds and even buy the cart too! Tell a friend!
*First Friday sales go live each Friday at 9am PST/ 12n EST
Sign up for a reminder | shop here!
xx Pip & Estella

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Get The Picture

Vintage Swim: Get The Picture

This weekend I had some DIY fun giving my new patio a vintage vibe. I had a group of small cactus plants in small terracotta pots. Even in groupings, they looked a little lonely, quite possibly because all of the pots are the same height. Here's a shot from Instagram

diy vintage patio

image via @pipandestella on instagram, styling by sana keefer

A plaster antique frame from the Pip & Estella shop (now I must keep!!!) was the perfect piece to bring attention to the a trio of cacti sitting down low. And there was no need for a riser because the negative space at the top of the picture frame looks kind of cool. 

Other plants were arranged on a higher surface to balance things out. I used a chair but other alternatives include:

  1. Stacked vintage crates
  2. A weathered stool
  3. Antique plant stand
Any vintage or antique frame will do the trick and the configurations are endless. Might you try it?
See what others thought.

Pip & Estella

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Case Of Curiosities

If you're a collector like me, you probably know that editing down your collection of objects at least semi-regularly is important to avoid clutter. However, we often have some pieces that we don't use day-to-day that were passed down from family or have sentimental value so giving them up isn't an option. My embossed, leather-wrapped traveling case is an example.

photograph & styling by sana keefer 

The modern day equivalent of this might be the make-up bag or dopp kit, this case was once used to tote cosmetics, small jewelry, customized stationery and monogrammed writing pens. I already have a place for many of those items, but the shells I found on my last beach trips in New York before moving here to Los Angeles (sentimental again!) had been sitting on the bottom of my vintage bar cart, visually lonely. In desperate need of organization, I put them on display giving the case new life and the bottom shelf a bit of organization. I call it a Case of Curiosities. Win-win. Have some finds you want to put on display at home? It's a good idea for retail display as well.

Make your own Case of Curiosities:

  1. Find a small vintage suitcase, carrying or traveling case. Any piece with compartments will work.
  2. Add pieces that are dear to your heart, whatever they may be and work them into the pockets, shelves and compartments. In my case, my shells were sort of blending in with the case since they are all natural colors. I spray painted one of my sea shells with a metallic spray to give it some glitz and accent the pretty brass hardware on the case.
  3. Find a place to show off your new case.
resources: traveling case - family heirloom, sea shells - collected in east hampton, turtle shell - collected, washed up on ft. tilden beach, rust-oleum hammered spray paint in bronze.

Pip & Estella

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Suitcases Suited For Styling

Vintage Swim: Suitcases Suited For Styling

You can never ever have enough vintage suitcases. Ever. They're fun for weekend trips and even better for everyday organizing at home. 

styling by sana keefer, photography by evan wathington

Here's how they come in handy for me and how they can do the same for you.

Open & Close:

  1. Atop a dresser, open with seasonal accessories like scarves, necklaces and bracelets. Many old suitcases have beautiful silk or chintz lining that you can show off. Tuck heirloom hankies in the pockets or hang pendant necklaces on the latch.
  2. Bedside, open or closed filled with books & magazines such as the old Domino collection you've been hoarding and grab a good read right before bed.
  3. Close them and hide them away under the bed with out of season shoes or accessories. They're much more interesting than plastic storage bins and this way if space is a concern, you can pull them out just when you need them.
Whether open or closed, vintage suitcases are where it's at when we're talking styling in the bedroom!

styling resources: olive and mustard center stripe suitcase - pip & estella for, modern pork pie hat - topshop, paisley belt - j. crew, geometric pencil skirt - anthropologie. 

Pip & Estella

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Perfume Bottles Make Glamourous Decor

Vintage Swim: Perfume Bottles Make Glamourous Decor

I always say I'm not a girly girly girl but when you get me in a room with with my friend Jenny L. that statement becomes an untruth. You'll hear phrases beginning with "OMG I love...  that dress, those shoes, those vintage clip on earrings" etc. My level of excitement would indicate that I am in fact a girly girl who would not only benefit from a vanity or dressing area but thoroughly enjoy having one.

styling by sana keefer photography by evan wathington

And no real vanity or dressing area is complete without shiny vintage trinkets so here is where the vintage perfume bottles come in.  Clearly they glam things up but we want utilize them without just creating extra clutter. Right? Here are three ways I use them:

  1. To hold essential oils because I've never actually purchased on of those gigantic bottles of perfume.
  2. As a safe spot for small but valuable jewelry that has the potential to disappear.
  3. Fill with mineral bronzer or loose powders that you can apply by fingertip.
Do you have a vanity in or dressing area? Any tips to share?

styling resources: 1940s glass perfume bottles, vintage hardcover book, brass writing pin and skeleton key - Pip & Estella,  Sea shells - found, vintage style postcard - Chelsea Market Baskets

Pip & Estella

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Air Plants With Ease

Vintage Swim: Styling Air Plants at Home

These days I'm sold on convenience so air plants can be found throughout my home. Here's a styling idea: add them to vintage glass beakers (shown), vases or oversized bottles and voila -- instant terrarium! Gently scrunch them to fit into your container and don't worry, they'll bounce right back to their original shape.

styling by sana keefer photography by evan wathington

Air plants thrive in humid environments making a powder room or water closet an ideal place for them. They can certainly be used in other areas, they'll just require a little spritzing of water. How's that for easy? 

What are some of your favorite vintage pieces to house your plants and flowers?

Resources: (l) Via Kayak Photography print by Haya Culture via One Kings Lane,  (r) Stylist Book Set , Leather Traveling Case - & Marjorelle Chest - Pip & Estella for

xx Pip & Estella