about [pip and estella]

The blog: So Does Estella is a blog on vintage styling for interiors. Join us as we put on our floaties and immerse ourselves in cool boho goodness for the home. We'll give you tips on how to make vintage work in your home.

The stylist & author: I’m Sana, founder of the Pip & Estella brand, photo stylist (for hire) and interior designer (no longer for hire).
Former Brooklynite and California girl,
I live in a 1920s beachwood canyon
casita style apartment with my husband where decorating is underway. 

The shop: Pip & Estella is a vintage supplier and decor shop. The inspiration for the Pip & Estella boutique comes from a literary classic : the old and worn, yet intriguing and magnetic aesthetic of the Satis House mansion, as described in the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations.