Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Creperie Beau Monde, Philly Edition

photography by so does estella 
I've fallen off the raw foods wagon and I'm eating cooked foods again, but with good reason -- Creperie Beau Monde! Situated in the Bella Vista neighborhood of South Philadelphia is this gem of gems. For me, it doesn't feel reminiscent of the small crepe stops in Paris, rather my favorite Southern California haunt, Le Creperie. In both places you're eating crepes in a restaurant that is clearly American and not really authentic, but somehow you don't mind it a bit.

Fare: Savory & sweet crepes both do the trick...I can vouch. Wins.
Interior Design: Carefully thought interior and exterior down to every detail. Wins.
Branding: On point. Have a look at their website. Wins.

1. Custom metalwork signage to die for.
2. Chinoiserie style wallpapered panels & crushed velvet drapery.
3. Casual patio perfect for a warm day.
4. Those details that I mentioned!
5. Gorgeous built in's at the bar in a dark finish.
6. Lemon sorbet and nutella dessert crepe.

From top to bottom, Beau Monde wins! It's nice to drive out to Philadelphia from New York on a whim, especially when you know delicious crepes await you.

What creperies do you recommend? And for the entree, sweet or savory?

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life: Part I

photography by so does estella

A photo series on enjoying life: Part I, The Catskill Mountains

While I'm good at a lot of different random things, I started to realize that I wasn't so good at slowing down to enjoy life. I'd go from design project to design project with virtually no time to reflect and just be. Work essentially made me. I (naively) felt that persevering through huge (stressful) projects and undertaking demanding jobs meant I was successful -- silly, I know.

But recently, I've found a great place...balance. I'm making some exciting moves with the expansion of Pip & Estella and most importantly, I'm having fun doing it -- not forgetting to soak up life's goodness (and life's good vintage) along the way. I have a card in my desk drawer that I pull out every now and then. It says "Love what you do, and it will love you back." Word. 

How are you with just "being"? Does it come easy? Has it been tough? I'd love to know!