Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Par For The Course: Meandering Through The Chelsea Flower Market

 photography by so does estella

I have always been fascinated with flower markets. You forget you are in the city when amongst bushels of tightly packed greenery. Branches dotted with blossoms the color of pink frosting and moss peeking through crates wired shut--I'm just where I want to be.

Unless you have reason to buy wholesale, trips to the flower market usually mark some sort of special occasion. But of course that's no reason to forgo bouquets.

If you're in town and looking for flowers on the go, visit Kat Flower on select weekends at the Brooklyn Flea this Summer. I promise gorgeousness.

When it comes to flower bouquets, do you DIY? Or go for no fuss with pre-arranged bouquets? Ever tackled flowers for a special occasion?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Station Wagon Conversation: Kathleen Shannon

photography by so does estella

So, as you may know, I didn't blog at all last week. And now, I'm feeling like a guilty parent who missed their child's dance recital. Shucks guys! My apologies. The other part of my life called. The season of the show I work for began last Monday and my schedule is a bit hectic. Thanks for hanging in there with me!) Now on to the good stuff.

The story in pictures
1. Historic Hanson subway sign.
2. The ever-stylish Kathleen in the lobby of the Williamsburgh Savings Building.
3. An outfit too cute to not show you the bottom of.
4. A decorative mailbox from 1875.

Why I love her
She rocks big curly hair like nobody's business.
She's brilliantly creative, confident and going places - my kind of girl.

So the story goes...
Conversing With: Texas born - Oklahoma City resident, Graphic Designer (she designed this blog!) and Blogger, Kathleen Shannon.
Years Acquainted: Less than one but we're still young so we have dozens of years ahead to be friends.
Parked In: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Her Next Move: Brooklyn Public House around the corner.
Conversation on being a creative with creative siblings
Sana: What was it like growing up with all creative siblings? I'm a little envious... (Her sister Tara is a Creative Director and brother Donny, a Sideshow Performer with his own variety of beer.) 

Kathleen: It just turned out that way. We grew up in Norman, OK. As kids we'd watch musicals and movies together like Pink Floyd The Wall...

Sana: Oh, so there was time for your imaginations to run wild.
Kathleen: Yes.
[Brother interjects] Donny: One Summer we watched Dazed & Confused almost everyday.
Sana: [Laughs] Could there be better movie choices?!

For a look at more of Kathleen's work (and style), visit her here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Par For The Course: Sunshine

photography by so does estella

This is a shot I snapped inside the Sunshine Cinemas, one of my favorite places to be on a Sunday. Sunshine, I'm still waiting...

I was over at Unstitched yesterday where I said home is where I like to spend my Sundays. When that isn't happening, I opt for a little sunshine indoors. There is rarely a movie at this independent theatre that I don't want to see. Other pluses include yummy vegan cookies at the snack bar and gaze-worthy architecture. (Exposed wood beams that will blow your mind!)

I want to know - what's your favorite way to spend a Sunday? A matinee? The park? Shopping? I know, I know, it's only Wednesday but there is nothing wrong with day dreaming about the weekend ahead. Right?

(Oh! And since today is the first "Par For The Course" post, you may be wondering how I choose my post topics. You can take a look at the schedule here.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage Swim, Go With The Old: Terrain

photography by so does estella

For some reason, Vintage just looks good in a garden. It feels as if it belongs, blending into nature with ease. Case and point: Terrain, Urban Outfitters fourth brand which makes the pre-gardening experience even more enjoyable.

1. Vintage crates and wood stakes.
2. Dried Lavender Banner
3. Vintage Ball Jars as Candleholders
4. Vintage Trough At The Outdoor Cafe

After seeing a post about Brooklyn Day on Design Sponge, on a whim, I decided to head out for the day and I'm glad I did. I recommend a day trip to Terrain for anyone in the tri-state area. For others, their website is a great place to shop too. While I only have free reign over the front stoop, there is a ton I can do to gussy up the place. And for the inside, I picked up an old glass terrarium for the current dining room table along with  Tillandsia (air plants) for my living room mantle.

So I'm curious... how have you incorporated vintage into your garden/home? Flowers in old bottles? Do you have a green thumb or do you prefer of-the-moment flowers?