Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage Swim, Go With The Old: Terrain

photography by so does estella

For some reason, Vintage just looks good in a garden. It feels as if it belongs, blending into nature with ease. Case and point: Terrain, Urban Outfitters fourth brand which makes the pre-gardening experience even more enjoyable.

1. Vintage crates and wood stakes.
2. Dried Lavender Banner
3. Vintage Ball Jars as Candleholders
4. Vintage Trough At The Outdoor Cafe

After seeing a post about Brooklyn Day on Design Sponge, on a whim, I decided to head out for the day and I'm glad I did. I recommend a day trip to Terrain for anyone in the tri-state area. For others, their website is a great place to shop too. While I only have free reign over the front stoop, there is a ton I can do to gussy up the place. And for the inside, I picked up an old glass terrarium for the current dining room table along with  Tillandsia (air plants) for my living room mantle.

So I'm curious... how have you incorporated vintage into your garden/home? Flowers in old bottles? Do you have a green thumb or do you prefer of-the-moment flowers?


Maddy said...

When I have a "home" with access to some outdoor space, it will definitely have a vintage, rustic feel to it. And like you said, the look seems so organic with the rest of its natural surroundings :)

Bruce Barone said...

In our garden and yard: vintage wheelbarrow, vintage ladder, vintage chest-of-drawers, vintage shovel.

Kristen said...

I definitely have some vintage items in my garden. It keeps the place looking interesting when it is overgrown and unkept!

Talima said...

You must see my garden, its all vintage with pop colors...

I bought some vintage wood lattices over the weekend and it adds to it.
On your next trip I MUST GO

Sana said...

@maddy there's hope in the meanwhile! try filling vintage coffee cans with fresh picked flowers. Oh, that's what we should do one day!

@bruce how perfect! we are cut from the same cloth!

@kristen haha. hey if it works, it works.

@talmia i would love to. i'm sure it's something fabulous!

Simple Life Journey said...

Love vintage. I am getting more and more into it. I feel like I am less likely to get tired of it. It's just timeless style. Love the pictures!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Sana, PLEASE tell me you ate there too. I love their cafe and seriously can't wait to get there again. I think I may time my roadtrip so that I land there for lunch.

Christine said...

Looks like a wonderful place to explore!

Nicole C said...

great photos!! thanks for sharing, im not a follower!

Sana said...

@Janna That is so true...always timeless!

@Brandi I only had small bites (yes, delish)...but that was due to my own tardiness. Not enough to do a full Dissection of a menu post, but enough to say...stop there for sure!

@Christine It certainly is. Think Anthropologie for plants.

@Nicole Thank you for following!

Susan said...

Terrain is my can find me posting on it all the's gorgeous! (I live nearby)