Monday, March 21, 2011

Station Wagon Conversation: Mr. Matt Lucas

photography by so does estella

The story in pictures
1. Debonair Matt with the classic newsboy cap.
2. Spending a sunny Saturday on West Broadway at a tea bar.
3. A Vintage style Electra bike with stitched leather seat. (Want list!)
4. Matt carries the leather bag I want to steal and sports the pant cuff we speak of (below).

Why I love him 
I dig his style: prep gone rugged, occasionally looking back.
He doesn't rub it in when he beats me in kayak races. (This Summer, Matt. You and me in Sunset Beach California for the re-match.)

So the story goes...

Conversing With: Manhattan Born J. Crew Visual Stylist, Matt Lucas
Years Acquainted: 7
Parked In: Soho - NYC
His Next Move: An evening museum wedding
Conversation On The Twentieth Century Pant Cuff 
Sana : What trend are you loving this Spring? Tell me. It can be anything fashion related.

Matt : The roll-up pant cuff

Sana: What makes it the favorite?

Matt: I can show off my man-hoisery. Look (points to his olive green trouser socks.)

Sana:  (laughs) Seriously Matt, I knew I could count on you to come through on that question.

Matt: It's true. Women have their fancy stockings and what not. Men need a little bit of something too.

*When Matt's new blog launches in a few weeks, I'll update the link here.

Now, friends, spill it. Will you sport the cuff this season?


Uncle Beefy said...

I sported the cuff just yesterday! But, let's be clear, not nearly as well as Matt has here. LOVE his style and looking forward to his blog launch!

Jack said...

Warming up my iron now to get a good crease...

Sana said...

@unclebeefy yes, matt is rocking it. but i'm sure you wore the cuff well too.
@jack no starch! Just swagg.

Christine said...

I noticed last fall when I moved to Berlin that a lot of men and women were doing rolled cuffs, especially over ankle boots. I like to occasionally do it as well. And he's right, men should take pride and show off their socks.

Maddy said...

Matt is one stylish dude! So I'll jump on board with whatever he says :) If rolled up cuffs are in, I'm rolling, baby!

Sana said...

@Christine Over the ankle boot - love that.
@Maddy Haha. You have me laughing. Isn't he?! :)

Jo said...

Prep gone rugged...I love it!
I love everything about his style, right down to his bicycle seat!
When his blog goes live, I will most definitely be following!!

karen said...

I love it! I swore I was going to do the rolled cuff on a skinny jean with suede booties for fall. Alas..not so much. But with sandals for Spring..YES!

melissa loves said... adorable IS Matt?! So stylin and any man that can say "man-hosiery" without qualm is a-ok in my book. Plus, the bag?! the bike?! the beard?! ( and I don't even LIKE beards so that is saying something) :)
So sharp, love this series! :)

Anonymous said...

My husband Jason did for sure. He loves to rock the cuff.

Sana said...

@melissa haha. he is so adorable and not to mention funny as all get out. :) this series is always fun! thank you!
@leah a global trend...nice! i can see how it's perfect for OC :)