Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Buttermilk Channel

Dissection Of A Menu
images by so does estella

Fare: Wins
Aptly named, Buttermilk Channel is and isn't what you'd expect. When I first caught wind of the place through a friend, the name brought to mind huge buckets of waffle mix being poured onto a mega - griddle. Reminiscent of those educational shows we used to watch as children where they gave an inside look at the inner workings of a factory or production mill and we sat there in awe. Yes, kind of like that. 

I imagine that what goes on in the kitchen there is pretty similar, considering there is often an hour wait and lots of Brooklynites and their in-town parents waiting to throw down.

Interior & Design (as shown above): Fitting

1. Cornflower Blue Storefront Which Contrasts With Original Red Brick Facade

2. Globe Pendants Flank The Bar

3. Illustrated Menus Resembling The Original Buttermilk Channel Map
4. Window Signage In Classic Font, Backlit by Traditional Sconces
5. Eggs Huntington
6. Full Bar (at noon) (more below...)

photography by so does estella

Branding: Wins

Are we eating the brand or what's on the menu?

Both! If we took away the minimalist New England style decor and cute little menus with cows walking up the channel, this restaurant would still be on my hit list. For starters, the grapefruit wheels with endive are reason enough alone to go and the waffles, they're heaven.

Considering the vision I had about Buttermilk Channel before I actually dined there, I was surprised and delighted when greeted with the menu. A Yellow the tone of buttermilk
itself is the ground color with a nice cornflower blue type. Quite comforting.

So, Buttermilk wins!!
Ever dined here? What's the favorite waffle spot in your city?


Khanh said...

Waffles and fried chicken are some of the best!

Sana said...

@Khanh Thanks for the recommendation. I have yet to try the chicken but it's on my to-try-next list!

Bruce Barone said...

That looks like I place I could love.

Pip said...

#5 is a rare photo showing my brunch arrived but not yet devoured. You must have set the camera on a fast shutter speed.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I haven't dined here yet, but can we go when I roll into NYC? And don't worry, I plan on spending at least a full year in the city before I consider traveling abroad.

Sana said...

@Bruce Judging by your kitchen blog, I'd say so!

@Pip Your hands are famous!

@Brandi If we'll have you for a full year we can do lots of restaurants!!!

Niki McNeill said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I love yours too... Your photos are amazing! New subscriber here! :)


Sana said...

@Niki Thank you. I was admiring your photos as well! I'll be back soon. :)

Lauren said...

that looks so yummy! Your blog is so beautiful!!

Christine said...

The food looks amazing! The name does certainly create certain visions. What part of Brooklyn is it in? Thanks for your lovely comment.

Sana said...

@Christine You're welcome. It's so delicious! It's in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. Do you come to New York often? We have friends here from Berlin visiting. :) Hope to see them next week.

Sana said...

@lauren thank you! i saw something about a panache wedding blog. going to check it out!