Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Mooncake Foods

Dissection Of A Menu: Are we eating the brand? Or what's on the menu? Lets find out...

photography by so does estella

These days, many businesses rely on creative marketing and fancy-pants branding for at least some portion of their success. When looking at condos a couple of weeks ago, the developer practically had me hook, line, and sinker just with the marketing materials. The information cards were done by letterpress! A stationery geeks dream. This practice is no different for eateries, so I'm putting my favorite (and new) haunts to the test.

Fare: Wins
Mooncake serves Chinese with a slight Vietnamese influence. Usually I shutter at the word diner but this place is a little different. They avoid fried foods and offer favorites like Wonton Soup with watercress, and Vegetarian Peashoot Dumplings. Need I say more?

Interior & Design (as shown above): Wins

1. Charming Storefront In Rich Rouge Color
2. Vintage Pendant Lamp
3. Framed Vintage Oil Painting
4. Adorable Arrangement Of Color-Grouped Supplies

Branding: Wins

Are we eating the brand or what's on the menu?
Both! Have to say, I dig the red Buddah logo designed to resemble a stamp and their overall illustrated branding. 

While Mooncake is casual and quaint, the menu is also pretty extensive for a place of it's size.  It's great for lunch near the office or a quick meet up with a friend. Five points for the fresh ginger and brown rice tea!

So, Mooncake wins!!

There are two more NYC locations. Hells Kitchen and Chelsea. 

Have you been? 


Amy@OldSweetSong said...

OMG. Love love love Mooncake. Have you had their steak sandwich?! It's the best. Ever. Ugh, now I want this for lunch.

p.s. Your blog looks fantastic! Hooray Kathleen!

Sana said...

@Amy Thanks! I haven't had the steak sandwich but I have had the steak salad and the dressing is yum-my! I will try it. PS. Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen definitely rocked my blog design!

Lillian (Unstitched.) said...

Sana, I'm so excited to see your blog!! It looks seriously FAN-TAS-TIC!! :) Seriously, I love this space you've created on the web here! ;)

This restaurant looks so yummy! I love the name too - Mooncake just makes me think of the Moon Festival each year where we can consume tons of fatty mooncakes :) I'll have to try this place when I come out to NYC again!

By the way- miss you! Hope you're doing very well with the hubs! :)

Sana said...

@Lillian I will take you when you come back! I am also coming to OC this Spring so we should definitely get together. :) Looks like Cancun was a blast. Miss you too and most of all, thank you!

Hautezone said...


Love your site an you are making me crazy hungry with the Mooncake post!

You are amazing, your positive spirit truly shines through. I celebrate you and all that you do!

Sana said...

@joy as are you! thank you! it will be great to get together again. we can chat a little bit more.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I so can't wait to try this place when I get back, because I'm smitten by the whole operation too. You and I will have to get together and find some new awesome places like this one.

And I love love LOVE the new blog!

And Kathleen said...

I LOVE this series. Food and branding alike are so important to me - what a fun way to analyze both.

Sana said...

@brandi Thank you. I'm looking forward to your return! Kiss SD for me.
@kathleen Being in Marketing and LOVING's just interesting to see how it comes together. PS. Your posting blew me away, dear. The bike will be ready when you get here :)

Eileen said...

I've never been, but when I get to NY {i have no idea when, but someday.. :)} I'll stop in for sure! Sana, congrats on your new blog!