Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Photo of Pip & Estella

We cannot thank you enough for your support this year. Through your patronage, tweets, pins, blog posts and instagram shots of Pip & Estella pieces in your home, you have helped us attain another successful year on and offline! Big hugs and happy holidays to you and yours!

xx Pip & Estella

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | First Fridays At The Pip & Estella Shop

The most common bit of feedback we receive is that "The good stuff goes fast." Indeed it does. Beginning October 5, you can mark your calendar and meet us here every first friday of the month. We'll offer the top four finds from each of our buying trips, with a huge chunk off the price tag.    
Four coveted one-of-a-kind finds to make your home shine -- at forty percent off, plus lots of other vintage goodies. Shop furniture. Shop accessories. Shop holiday. You can choose from all of the coming finds and even buy the cart too! Tell a friend!
*First Friday sales go live each Friday at 9am PST/ 12n EST
Sign up for a reminder | shop here!
xx Pip & Estella

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Letterpress Trays

Vintage Swim: Letterpress Trays 3 Ways

styling: sana keefer photo: evan wathington

Yes, I know they're nothing new (no pun intended), but they are kind of my favorite right now. I've been finding new uses for vintage type trays and letterpress boards and want to share three ways to use  them around the home.

  1. Wall Decor: Hang vertically or horizontally on walls. Position them above a desk in a workspace or behind a sofa. The aged wood is a beautiful work of art all on its own.
  2. Jewelry Organizing: Lay flat atop a dresser or console and fill with your favorite pieces. I am notorious for losing one of a pair when it comes to earrings so besides the aesthetic angle, storing your pairs together in different parts of the tray really does work for me.
  3. Desk Storage: Because my work studio is in my home,  I'm constantly worried about tidying up. Though most of my assets are digital, I still have odds and ends like rubber bands for shipping, paper clips for printed correspondence and tacks for my old school inspiration board. These trays help me keep them all on hand.
What are your thoughts on letterpress boards and trays? Have you ever used them? And if so, how? Let's hear it!

Pip & Estella

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Series On Enjoying Life: Part III

Photography by So Does Estella

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life Part III

First off, thank you so much for all of the love surrounding the Pip & Estella pop-up shop! It has been a true labor of love. Each day I realize just how much I love my job! It gives me the chance to branch out into all of the areas that I truly enjoy.

This Thursday I had the pleasure of teaching a photo styling course at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan as a part of fellow creative, Karen Young's (Hammocks and High Tea) small business courses. The students were amazingly creative and in turn they inspired me! This is what life is all about.

If you haven't been to the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan, you should definitely add it to your Fall list of things to do. It's a truly amazing space (as evidenced by the installations above) and great place for creative enrichment for disciplines spanning beyond fiber arts.

Will you be taking any classes this season? Or even self- teaching perhaps?

Monday, October 3, 2011

All work, all play

All Work, All Play

Long time no blog! How is everyone?

As you may have noticed, blog posts have been scarce around these parts as we ramp up to the launch of the Pip & Estella pop-up shop (More to come on that soon, I promise!) and work to meet holiday deadlines with our favorite magazines and new international retail partners.

And because things have been so busy, I had to bring on more hands. Two of those hands belong to Matt which everyone loved from my Station Wagon Conversation post. Not only is he incredibly talented, but we have a lot of fun at play too! Below is a shot of us at the Rue Magazine photo shoot for Old Village Hall in the East Village where we worked on food and floral styling. This actual shoot runs in Rue's Anniversary issue out tomorrow.

photography by jen huang

So, So Does Estella lives on -- just a little quiet as we push through the season's rush. I want to know what you all have been up to! What projects are you working on this Fall?

[Update; Here are more photos from the shoot on Refinery 29.]

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Swim: Pip & Estella and Limegreen Marbled Wood Candles

I know I've been away for a while but we are working on some exciting things for the Pip & Estella shop! Here's the evidence -- a collaborative line of hand-poured soy wax candles made by Brooklyn artisans, Limegreen with certified organic ingredients and outfitted in Pip & Estella vintage.

I'm super excited to have our candles in Pure Green Magazine, whom I just love -- their mission and their style! Aren't I in great company with these eco picks?! Check out their fall issue! (And find our candle here.) I will be back to post just as soon as I can! See you all soon and thanks so much for all of the lovely comments on prior posts!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life Part II: Saugerties Lighthouse

photography by so does estella 

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life Part II: An Evening At Saugerties Lighthouse

I mean really, what's better than fresh preserves and berry bars over a sunset on the Hudson River? Sure there are a few other things in New York, but not many in the dog days of summer. We stopped into our favorite organic bakery, Bread Alone and headed to the lighthouse for a quick dip in the Hudson to escape the heat.

1. Local Strawberry Rhubard from the Hudson Valley
2. Hudson River Bank
3. Saugerties Lighthouse
4. Baked Berry Bar
5. Saugerties Lighthouse Inn

Can you believe it's almost over? I've been busy working on new product for the Pip & Estella online shop as well as details on our upcoming Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn! The last couple of weeks have been a blur, but I'm making sure to slow down time as Saturdays roll around. It's all about balance. :)

How will you spend the last days of summer? In your town? On vacation? 



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Creperie Beau Monde, Philly Edition

photography by so does estella 
I've fallen off the raw foods wagon and I'm eating cooked foods again, but with good reason -- Creperie Beau Monde! Situated in the Bella Vista neighborhood of South Philadelphia is this gem of gems. For me, it doesn't feel reminiscent of the small crepe stops in Paris, rather my favorite Southern California haunt, Le Creperie. In both places you're eating crepes in a restaurant that is clearly American and not really authentic, but somehow you don't mind it a bit.

Fare: Savory & sweet crepes both do the trick...I can vouch. Wins.
Interior Design: Carefully thought interior and exterior down to every detail. Wins.
Branding: On point. Have a look at their website. Wins.

1. Custom metalwork signage to die for.
2. Chinoiserie style wallpapered panels & crushed velvet drapery.
3. Casual patio perfect for a warm day.
4. Those details that I mentioned!
5. Gorgeous built in's at the bar in a dark finish.
6. Lemon sorbet and nutella dessert crepe.

From top to bottom, Beau Monde wins! It's nice to drive out to Philadelphia from New York on a whim, especially when you know delicious crepes await you.

What creperies do you recommend? And for the entree, sweet or savory?

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life: Part I

photography by so does estella

A photo series on enjoying life: Part I, The Catskill Mountains

While I'm good at a lot of different random things, I started to realize that I wasn't so good at slowing down to enjoy life. I'd go from design project to design project with virtually no time to reflect and just be. Work essentially made me. I (naively) felt that persevering through huge (stressful) projects and undertaking demanding jobs meant I was successful -- silly, I know.

But recently, I've found a great place...balance. I'm making some exciting moves with the expansion of Pip & Estella and most importantly, I'm having fun doing it -- not forgetting to soak up life's goodness (and life's good vintage) along the way. I have a card in my desk drawer that I pull out every now and then. It says "Love what you do, and it will love you back." Word. 

How are you with just "being"? Does it come easy? Has it been tough? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Dough

If you haven't had lunch yet, you might want to come back later. Fortunately and unfortunately I've discovered a bakery named Dough not too far from my apartment. Judging by my Brooklyn guide to The Best French Toast on Scoop Street and all of the gushing about my Baked book, you'd never know that I am actually pretty careful with my sugar intake but these donuts are godly. Oh, and I'm doing the 6:30 spin class, so I'm not feeling that guilty.

photography by so does estella

On the menu: Donuts, fruit iced tea, coffee & a small selection of dry goods.

Fare: Excellent
Dough is serious. Not just because they're fresh and sweet or any other combination of characteristics donuts should have, but because they've got baking down to a science. The edible amazements come in a slew of unexpected flavors including:

Chocolate & Earl Grey

Lemon Meringue
Lemon Poppy
Chai Cream
Chocolate Chipotle
Blood Orange

Branding: Wins. Amazing Type & Logo!

Interior Design (as shown above): Wins!! Dough manages to be industrial, yet warm and cozy with a schoolhouse vintage feel.

1. Ivory plaster with contrasting exposed beams and simple signage with brilliant type.
2. A Blood Orange Donut.
3. Fading Sidewalk Chalkboard (illustrates their use of simplicity throughout)
4. The variety.

So the big question--are we eating the brand or whats on the menu? Both! 
Dough scores in both areas. Have you been? Let me know if you plan to visit.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Swim: Balconies of Old San Juan

During the few opportunities I've had to sign in on Twitter, you asked where was I. Summer stay-cation! It was definitely tough to stay away from the blog-o-sphere. Then again, on the island where I spent most of my time, there was only one cafe in town that had wifi, so I guess I wouldn't have had have much of a choice. Let me tell you, I missed you guys and I'm happy to be back.

I would say that it were by accident that I ended up in Old San Juan but nothing happens by accident, right? A big mishap when traveling from Isla de Vieques back home, lead to an extended stay in Old San Juan Puerto Rico...then I fell in love.
 photography  by so does estella

The colonial architecture of Old San Juan blew me away. And since you can't really call anything that is colonial, vintage, we're going with Antique on this post title. On the trip I met amazing people, I realized that my Spanish verb conjugations need some serious brushing up and I imagined having a cup of coffee with fresh bread on a village balcony every morning during New York's guaranteed-to-be-brutal-again Winter. It might happen.

You know where I'm going with this...if you had to choose just one, which would you go with? As I pose the question, I'm trying to guess which one's I think you all will pick based on what I know of your personalities. :) For me, it's a toss up between #1 and #2. You know the girl has a weakness for  the teal! (Oh and for a bonus #1 has a view of Castillo de San Cristóbal, the Spanish Fort.)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Swin: Reclaimed Materials (& Country Living)

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about country living, but don't mind me -- this happens every year! I start to daydream about how wonderful it would be like to slow things down a little bit. No, we're not buying a farm, but what's the harm in wanting? For now, let us just admire the simplicity of life in the country and charm of a tin roof, worn wood and beautifully rusted hardware!

photography by so does estella

A couple of years ago, I couldn't help myself so we up and bought a house down south. Huge yard, old barn, and tons of trees. While it was great and we made wonderful new friends, I missed the hustle and bustle of NYC and the beaches of California. Sure, we could have visited those places more, but this was the whole point of having a house away from the city. It was supposed to be our new destination! Today, I'm in Brooklyn -- but with a country state of mind. :)

1. Serenbe Georgia, Guest House
2. Serenbe Georgia, Barn
3. Glen Mills Pennsylvania, Cafe
4. Glen Mills Pennsylvania, Potters Shed

Are you a city dweller, who fits right in with apartments, skyscrapers and hurried pedestrians? Or do you prefer the charm of modest country homes built to compliment their landscape and provide a simpler way of life?  Both? Somewhere in between?