Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life Part II: Saugerties Lighthouse

photography by so does estella 

A Photo Series On Enjoying Life Part II: An Evening At Saugerties Lighthouse

I mean really, what's better than fresh preserves and berry bars over a sunset on the Hudson River? Sure there are a few other things in New York, but not many in the dog days of summer. We stopped into our favorite organic bakery, Bread Alone and headed to the lighthouse for a quick dip in the Hudson to escape the heat.

1. Local Strawberry Rhubard from the Hudson Valley
2. Hudson River Bank
3. Saugerties Lighthouse
4. Baked Berry Bar
5. Saugerties Lighthouse Inn

Can you believe it's almost over? I've been busy working on new product for the Pip & Estella online shop as well as details on our upcoming Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn! The last couple of weeks have been a blur, but I'm making sure to slow down time as Saturdays roll around. It's all about balance. :)

How will you spend the last days of summer? In your town? On vacation? 




Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

A Pop Up Shop? How exciting! Well, if you need any help, my schedule is flexible and you know where to find me. I need to get a few more day trips in before my summer ends -- and Saugerties Lighthouse is now on my list.

Maddy said...

Those pictures don't even look like New York!! Wow! I need to tagalong with you someday so you can show me all these great spots :) I know you're enjoying the last weeks of summer, but I have to say I've missed reading your posts! But it sounds like all is well! The last days of summer are pretty much booked solid. We're starting the house hunting process, so we'll be doing that from here on out.

Sana said...

@brandi yes! i will email you on that soon. you know i'd love to have you. i promise you will love the lighthouse. it will be nice after a couple of weeks of returning to the hustle and bustle! :)

@maddy congrats on starting house hunting! that's always fun. or am i just one of those weird people who think so? and yes, let's plan a fall excursion shall we?

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Oh, gosh.. don't mention the last days of summer yet, please!! Too early. I've not accomplished nearly enough. The list is still so big. I'll be staying put trying to take care of that list, ha! But like you, I try to keep it balanced as best as I can. Went for a dip in the river today as well. : ) That second photo looks like it could be a book cover!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I almost forgot to mention: Congrats on the new shop! Can't wait to see photos!

Susan said...

Congrats on the new shop, and I love this photo series...ah, summer.

Jo said...

A Pop Up Shop! Hooray! That sounds so exciting!!
And that lighthouse...beautiful!!

I'm starting to see Halloween decorations in stores already! That's the first sign that summer is drawing to a close, and fall is at hand. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

I love your support of your local and organic producers! And congrats on all the exciting news! Best of luck with the pop up shop! We have been on a whirlwind that last two weeks with visitors and travels. And James turns 3 on Sunday so we are going to be partying this weekend! Hope the hurricane is nice to you! Have a great weekend! xo Samantha

Sana said...

Thanks for the well wishes in the pop-up shop, ladies!!!

@eva i know, it flew by right?! i hope you have swimming weather this w/e too!
@susan i enjoy photography - i'm not good enough to feel like it's "work" haha.
@jo i was floored when i saw halloween decorations in the store - in august! it gets earlier each year it seems. :)
@samantha luckily the the hurricane wasn't bad at all. awwww! happy belated, James!