Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dissection Of A Menu: Dough

If you haven't had lunch yet, you might want to come back later. Fortunately and unfortunately I've discovered a bakery named Dough not too far from my apartment. Judging by my Brooklyn guide to The Best French Toast on Scoop Street and all of the gushing about my Baked book, you'd never know that I am actually pretty careful with my sugar intake but these donuts are godly. Oh, and I'm doing the 6:30 spin class, so I'm not feeling that guilty.

photography by so does estella

On the menu: Donuts, fruit iced tea, coffee & a small selection of dry goods.

Fare: Excellent
Dough is serious. Not just because they're fresh and sweet or any other combination of characteristics donuts should have, but because they've got baking down to a science. The edible amazements come in a slew of unexpected flavors including:

Chocolate & Earl Grey

Lemon Meringue
Lemon Poppy
Chai Cream
Chocolate Chipotle
Blood Orange

Branding: Wins. Amazing Type & Logo!

Interior Design (as shown above): Wins!! Dough manages to be industrial, yet warm and cozy with a schoolhouse vintage feel.

1. Ivory plaster with contrasting exposed beams and simple signage with brilliant type.
2. A Blood Orange Donut.
3. Fading Sidewalk Chalkboard (illustrates their use of simplicity throughout)
4. The variety.

So the big question--are we eating the brand or whats on the menu? Both! 
Dough scores in both areas. Have you been? Let me know if you plan to visit.


Christine said...

Dough looks amazing! And flavors...hibiscus? Wow!

Sana said...

@christine I know, I was surprised by the hibiscus, too. It's soooo delicious. I'd package one up and send it to Berlin if I could!

prettylittlethieves said...

wow! that place looks great!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Mmm... what if I've had every possible meal of the day and these still make me hungry?! Haha!

Sana said...

@nancy so great. i can't think of it's los angeles equivalent but i'm sure there is one :)

@eva seriously! won't you introduce me to all of your favorite swiss bakeries when i do make it over?!

Maddy said...

Thank goodness is this no where near me or I would be in big trouble!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that place looks amazing! This post made me so hungry right now. I wish I could try the Lemon Meringue Donuts!

Camila F.

Anonymous said...

This place looks right up my alley! Maybe on my next trip to New York.

Sana said...

@maddy you have enough trouble with your best friend owning a brownie shop!

@camila so far, lemon meringue has always been sold out but i'll be sure to report back :)

@leah it's definitely worth it if you stop into brooklyn!

Villa Bisono said...

The treats look super delicious...I love your postings and the layout...very very creative! I am trying to follow you, but I can't find the button :( Thanks so much for finding my blog and for your sweet comment!

I will def. keep checking your blog~! Have a wonderful day.


Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I actually do have one Swiss bakery that I frequent, but the best bread I've had here has actually been from the one and only small grocery store in my little village. I'm still in search of finding bread I love here!

Sana said...

@Maurenice De-lic-ious! And thank you for mentioning the follow button. It's in the right hand side bar above Archives. I think I may have to call more attention to it now!

@Eva I see. Searching is the fun on and be sure to report back :)

Sherry Fauscett said...

These flavor combinations are amazing. I have a friend who owns a deli on our Isla Mujeres called Blue Iguana, and I have got to share this with her.

M.M.E. said...

Oh wow, there are so many types I've never seen before!!! They all look beautiful!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Seriously!? With the icing dripping like that! Looks and sounds amazing! xo Samantha ps. Happy Summer Solstice! Can't wait to see your "summer" fort! ;)

Sana said...

@Megan Yes! I found a popsicle place that does a pretty good branding job only available at whole foods near YOU! Please try them out for me if you're there!

@Samantha Delish! Happy Summer Solstice to you too my dear! I hope to be able to work on the fort tomorrow. It will include music.

elissa @ faucethead said...

oh wow this looks amazing. i just got back from spin class but don't have anything as delicious as this to snack on!

Jo said...

I've not been, but Avi and I are going to be in NYC to attend a wedding in September. Many of his friends live in Brooklyn, so....

Sana said...

@elissa hard to beat! this week i have been busy working on the shop and have not gone to spin class, so granola bars for moi!

@jo look me up when you come! (don't you love that saying) but seriously, i know you will like!

Jo said...

I definitely will! :)

style fare said...

Dough looks amazing - I really need to visit!

You have a lovely site; thanks for the follow. :)

Sana said...

@jo sweet! safe travels!
@hana thank you! i love the vibe of style fare. you also reminded me about the hester street fair which totally slipped my mind..soon!