Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Swim: My Baked Book

Baked Explorations has bumped my other coffee table books to the bottom of the stack. I went to their book signing and I have to say, they were ever so gracious. Nice people always win!

I frequent Baked on the mornings that I'm actually on schedule. While I love their muffins, scones, etc, I also have a weakness for their new book,  Baked Explorations. Gorgeous-ness jumps out between text and each desserts haunt you, even after you've turned the page and laid eyes on the next recipe.

photography by so does estella, book photography tina rupp

Now, to seal the deal, photographer, Tina Rupp captures the essence of some of the most delicious, vintage-infused food styling you've ever seen. Some of the shots were styled with decor I have in my home and in the Pip & Estella shop. Isn't it fun when you spot items you have?!  Above are a few snapshots documenting my love affair with this book. I hope you enjoyed.

Based on all of your comments on the Wednesday Dissection Of A Menu Series, I know you all love to eat! But do you have a cook book that you swear by? Or, how about one you just drool over?


And Kathleen said...

I got my best friend Baked: New Frontiers for her birthday a while back - the recipes, the photos - all just to die for.

Have you read A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table by Molly Wizenberg (Orangette) yet? I think you would love it.

Maddy said...

I think there's a good reason I've never mastered the art of baking...because I wouldn't be able to resist eating the sweets all day long!

As for cookbooks...I have to admit I don't have any! I usually end up printing recipes from the web when I'm in the mood to try something different. But actual cookbooks will have to wait until I have some space to actually store them :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I totally need this book. NEED. I also need that slice of cake in front of me ASAP. And I have several cookbooks I swear by and wouldn't part with for the world. Really, if I could just spend all day flipping through cookbooks and making delicious things I would. Is that a job?

Sana said...

@kathleen What?! A Homemade, but I love Molly Orangette. Now I am feeling deprived. I will definitely check it out. And now, New Frontiers is on the list too!

@maddy Haha. I couldn't have a best friend who owns a divine brownie shop. How do you handle it?! I hear you on the space issue. There are some atop my fridge and others on my coffee table. My friend in LA (Chef) has a full wall bookshelf packed with cookbooks - each shelf is sagging :)

@brandi Now it's a job--a concept kitchen that only makes recipes from the BEST books. I think you're on to something. :) oh but that's after the flower shop!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

YUM! The book itself looks delicious, hah! Amazing food photography here!

Uncle Beefy said...
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Uncle Beefy said...

(Sorry, let me try this again.)

I haven't tried this book yet, Sana, but I have drooled over the photography many times in the bookstore!

My partner has put me on a cookbook diet as I have *scads* of them around! Some of my favorites? I gotta say, I've generally had great luck with Ina Garten's books. And, if I'm really up for serious cooking I seriously heart the Baltahzar Cookbook! Some of the recipes can be pretty involved but the results have been spectacular! Oy veh!

Christine said...

Wow, looks amazing!

Sana said...

@eva doesn't it?! and being so close to their bakery is dangerous.

@beefy a cookbook diet, haha! i do love ina garten. her website is a great resource, too. I need a trip to Balthazar this season. :)

@christine I hope it's in Berlin!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, now i love it even more, knowing they are nice peeps is def a win win!!! scouring through a good cook/bake book is pure joy, i know exactly what you mean about reliving each page after you've passed it. that means it's top notch; so thanks for the recs, i will be checking this one out.

for me Donna Hay rocks and also really am diggin' the Jessica Seinfeld world lately too. i'm all about the pretty pictures, it's why my eyes did a complete WAHoooGA when i saw this post!

happy weekend to you. ♥

Sana said...

@ lynn yes, i'm all about nice people and it weirds me out when someone calls someone else too nice. why haven't i heard of jessica seinfeld? thanks for the tip! i do love donna hay though and plan to make some of her popsicles when it's warmer. how's that for a fool proof recipe?! PS love the word WAHooGA. must borrow.

Vintage is for Lovers said...

I LOVE this, on so many levels. Ordering today. Thank you! xo Samantha