Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Blogger & Interior Decorator, Kirsten of Simply Grove combines high design and function! She gives us a tour of her kitchen for our completed series, Real Small Kitchen.


Idea: Stations
To keep my kitchen clean and free of clutter, I have created stations throughout. One station is for food prep, the next is for coffee and we also have a toast station because we all love toast.
I also keep everything I need for cooking right next to the stove on top of a cake dish. Things like olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh herbs are always a hands length away.

For Entertaining
I don’t have a large bar area for people to sit and eat, so I purchased small stools from Kartell and I placed them at the end of the island where people always seem to congregate.

I spotted the number jar in your kitchen from Anthropologie. I have one too! Unfortunately my kitchens never have had islands or bars because I tend to gravitate to historic homes, so unless I decide to go for a full kitchen renovation (like Mrs. Limestone), I have to prepare meals and carry them into the dining room. Thanks for joining me, Kirsten!

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