Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Guest Blogger Mrs. Limestone of Brooklyn Limestone talks tips for your small-ish kitchen and gives us a look inside hers.

Ready to take notes? I am.

Mrs. Limestone:
I have a confession to make – I don’t really consider my kitchen to be small. Maybe I’ve lived in New York for too long?

While its certainly not huge, its far more space than I’m used to so it feels quite luxurious. That said, I do have some rules to live by when planning your own less than sprawling kitchen:

1. Get rid of unnecessary walls. This room used to be a tiny bedroom – by removing the wall and making this a combo dining room/kitchen, it feels 10x as large. Just having some breathing room makes a world of difference.

2. Build up. In a kitchen you have to maximize every inch and that includes vertical space. A big space between the cabinets and ceiling is a complete waste of storage/display area. It does add to the cabinetry price but if you have a space crunch, you’ll be happy to have the extra room.

3. Zero tolerance for clutter! While my counters get plenty of use while we are cooking or entertaining, its not a place to keep things full time. Aside from the mixer (which is far too heavy to move around), everything else has a place behind closed doors. That includes toasters, coffee makers, whatever. Loading your counter with clutter is a sure way of making it look smaller and less useful.

Thank you, Stefanie! Love all five but number three is key! There is one rule (okay, maybe more than one) at our house, de-clutter or else... I will. Old Sc-Fi books from Pip anyone?! (laughs.)

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