Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Chests & Trunks

Vintage Swim: Trunks. Pounce On The Next One You See

P is for Pip. We wish. In this case P is for Palihouse Holloway. We found this 1954 Race Horse Trunk for Pali Group, a group of ever-so-stylish properties including hotels and residences. They've placed it in the lobby of a West Hollywood property. Where would you use it? And how?

image via @pipandestella on instagram
We've placed some pretty great chests and trunks lately. Here are a few ways to use vintage trunks. The next time you see one of these versatile pieces, don't let it pass you by!

  1. Storage - Neatly hide seasonal belongings
  2. Coffee Table - Arrange your books and candles atop
  3. Extra Seating for Entertaining - Utilize for extra seating during parties or most relevant now, holiday gatherings

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Put A Feather In It

Vintage Swim: Put A Feather In It

Vintage Styling With Feathers

image via @pipandestella on instagram, styling by sana keefer

More often than not you'll see feathers incorporated into Pip & Estella photography styling. It's not only a branding thing -- feathers were plentiful in the Dickens era, but also because they bring life to a still (and will do the same in your home). Here are three examples:
  1. Feathers add a natural element to a vignette or arrangement. 
  2. We associate feathers with movement and their curved design by nature illustrates that.
  3. Feather add a touch of old, creating a vintage feel.

You'll find feathers styled into a couple of our shots and available in the upcoming Pip & Estella Joss & Main sale event, November 1, 2012. Keep in mind, quality feathers found at estate sales, antique stores work best for getting a polished look so if you have those available to you, it's worth the investment.

In the upcoming weeks we'll explore feathers in various vessels!

resources: vintage mirror, antique whiskey bottle - pip & estella. fine feathers - heirlooms.

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage Wedding Styling Blog | Vintage Swim: The Weight Of Tradition...Something Blue

Vintage Swim: The Weight Of Tradition...Something Blue

With fall weddings in full swing, brides and brides-to-be have an eye toward vintage to add character to the big party. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue the saying goes but even if you're not big on tradition, this is still a pretty effortless one for the stressful pre-wedding weeks where there is a certain beauty to keeping it simple.

       photo by karen white, styling by sana keefer

One way to stay in step with tradition is by tying a handkerchief from family or friends to your bouquet and pass it on to the lucky lady who catches it in the toss!

resources: vintage scale - pip & estella, blue chiffon handkerchief - seafoam safari, gold locket - heirloom, muslin cloth - local gourmet grocer

Pip & Estella

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | First Fridays At The Pip & Estella Shop

The most common bit of feedback we receive is that "The good stuff goes fast." Indeed it does. Beginning October 5, you can mark your calendar and meet us here every first friday of the month. We'll offer the top four finds from each of our buying trips, with a huge chunk off the price tag.    
Four coveted one-of-a-kind finds to make your home shine -- at forty percent off, plus lots of other vintage goodies. Shop furniture. Shop accessories. Shop holiday. You can choose from all of the coming finds and even buy the cart too! Tell a friend!
*First Friday sales go live each Friday at 9am PST/ 12n EST
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