Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Suitcases Suited For Styling

Vintage Swim: Suitcases Suited For Styling

You can never ever have enough vintage suitcases. Ever. They're fun for weekend trips and even better for everyday organizing at home. 

styling by sana keefer, photography by evan wathington

Here's how they come in handy for me and how they can do the same for you.

Open & Close:

  1. Atop a dresser, open with seasonal accessories like scarves, necklaces and bracelets. Many old suitcases have beautiful silk or chintz lining that you can show off. Tuck heirloom hankies in the pockets or hang pendant necklaces on the latch.
  2. Bedside, open or closed filled with books & magazines such as the old Domino collection you've been hoarding and grab a good read right before bed.
  3. Close them and hide them away under the bed with out of season shoes or accessories. They're much more interesting than plastic storage bins and this way if space is a concern, you can pull them out just when you need them.
Whether open or closed, vintage suitcases are where it's at when we're talking styling in the bedroom!

styling resources: olive and mustard center stripe suitcase - pip & estella for, modern pork pie hat - topshop, paisley belt - j. crew, geometric pencil skirt - anthropologie. 

Pip & Estella


Jo said...

perfect! i have an old monogrammed hard shell brief case that belonged to my dad in the 70s. our initials are the same, and i just love it. i didn't know what to do with it...until now! :)

Sana said...

@ jo! love your idea to fill it with issues of the New Yorker! Perfect fit. JB!