Monday, September 3, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Perfume Bottles Make Glamourous Decor

Vintage Swim: Perfume Bottles Make Glamourous Decor

I always say I'm not a girly girly girl but when you get me in a room with with my friend Jenny L. that statement becomes an untruth. You'll hear phrases beginning with "OMG I love...  that dress, those shoes, those vintage clip on earrings" etc. My level of excitement would indicate that I am in fact a girly girl who would not only benefit from a vanity or dressing area but thoroughly enjoy having one.

styling by sana keefer photography by evan wathington

And no real vanity or dressing area is complete without shiny vintage trinkets so here is where the vintage perfume bottles come in.  Clearly they glam things up but we want utilize them without just creating extra clutter. Right? Here are three ways I use them:

  1. To hold essential oils because I've never actually purchased on of those gigantic bottles of perfume.
  2. As a safe spot for small but valuable jewelry that has the potential to disappear.
  3. Fill with mineral bronzer or loose powders that you can apply by fingertip.
Do you have a vanity in or dressing area? Any tips to share?

styling resources: 1940s glass perfume bottles, vintage hardcover book, brass writing pin and skeleton key - Pip & Estella,  Sea shells - found, vintage style postcard - Chelsea Market Baskets

Pip & Estella

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