Monday, September 24, 2012

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Vintage Swim: Get The Picture

This weekend I had some DIY fun giving my new patio a vintage vibe. I had a group of small cactus plants in small terracotta pots. Even in groupings, they looked a little lonely, quite possibly because all of the pots are the same height. Here's a shot from Instagram

diy vintage patio

image via @pipandestella on instagram, styling by sana keefer

A plaster antique frame from the Pip & Estella shop (now I must keep!!!) was the perfect piece to bring attention to the a trio of cacti sitting down low. And there was no need for a riser because the negative space at the top of the picture frame looks kind of cool. 

Other plants were arranged on a higher surface to balance things out. I used a chair but other alternatives include:

  1. Stacked vintage crates
  2. A weathered stool
  3. Antique plant stand
Any vintage or antique frame will do the trick and the configurations are endless. Might you try it?
See what others thought.

Pip & Estella


Jo said...

love this! if only i had a little patio to decorate...
actually, i bet this would look great in the right indoor space as well! :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You are a styling genius. This is such a cute idea - and so very LA. I can just feel the warm breeze.