Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Interior Design Blog | Vintage Swim: Case Of Curiosities

If you're a collector like me, you probably know that editing down your collection of objects at least semi-regularly is important to avoid clutter. However, we often have some pieces that we don't use day-to-day that were passed down from family or have sentimental value so giving them up isn't an option. My embossed, leather-wrapped traveling case is an example.

photograph & styling by sana keefer 

The modern day equivalent of this might be the make-up bag or dopp kit, this case was once used to tote cosmetics, small jewelry, customized stationery and monogrammed writing pens. I already have a place for many of those items, but the shells I found on my last beach trips in New York before moving here to Los Angeles (sentimental again!) had been sitting on the bottom of my vintage bar cart, visually lonely. In desperate need of organization, I put them on display giving the case new life and the bottom shelf a bit of organization. I call it a Case of Curiosities. Win-win. Have some finds you want to put on display at home? It's a good idea for retail display as well.

Make your own Case of Curiosities:

  1. Find a small vintage suitcase, carrying or traveling case. Any piece with compartments will work.
  2. Add pieces that are dear to your heart, whatever they may be and work them into the pockets, shelves and compartments. In my case, my shells were sort of blending in with the case since they are all natural colors. I spray painted one of my sea shells with a metallic spray to give it some glitz and accent the pretty brass hardware on the case.
  3. Find a place to show off your new case.
resources: traveling case - family heirloom, sea shells - collected in east hampton, turtle shell - collected, washed up on ft. tilden beach, rust-oleum hammered spray paint in bronze.

Pip & Estella


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Where did you find this wonderful case? Was it in the family? I've never seen anything like it before.

I've studied Cabinets of Curiosities in the past, but I simply adore the idea of a Case of Curiosities (or Memories, at least). It'd be a beautiful keepsake.

Sana said...

@brandi yes , it was in the family. It appears to have been custom made in a NY department store. Brilliant that you studied Cabinets Of Curiosities -- not suprised one bit! Maybe you can add some Scottish treasures and development notes from your novel. :)